Our company sells camera-related, smart home products that allows you to stay connected with your home and loved ones. Below is the story of how Eggnest came to be and still becoming. We welcome you to join us on our journey and become a part of Eggnest's history.


Eggnest, a name that embodies warmth, safety, and intimacy, everything a home should be; that’s what our founder had in mind when he started th is company. He wanted to bring those exact qualities to your home with the combination of modern technology. In order to do so, he began with building the right team for the job. He was looking for dedicated, trustworthy people who did not just want a job, but also to share a dream, a goal. Under his guidance, he has built a company filled with loving people who value communication, teamwork, dedication, and different perspectives. We don’t work for the sake of working; we work for our common goal of constantly improving our products.



So feel free to contact us and tell us your needs, concerns, suggestions, or if you have any questions at all. We are open to communication! Since we are a new company, we are still in the developmental stage. Please feel free to give us suggestions on products or features you’ll like to see in our future products. Together, we can build better smart home products to improve our quality of life.