Portion Control

Each portion is about 10g, so you can control the meal size by choosing the appropriate amount of portions to feed your pet.

Scheduled Meals

The Eggnest Smart Pet Feeder allows you to set up feeding schedules on the Eggnest APP. Once programmed, the Feeder will automatically dispense the pre-selected portion size at the set time. Your pet will never miss a meal again!

Manual Feeding

For days you feel like feeding a little extra snacks to your pet or just another meal, the Smart Pet Feeder has a manual Feed button at the top of the machine. Pressing on the feed button will release 1 portion size. The Eggnest APP also has a button for instant manual feeding if you are away from the Smart Pet Feeder.

No Food Alert

When there’s no more food left in the pet feeder, your Eggnest App will notify you so you will always know when to refill the food.

Meal Information History

Check all your pet’s meal history in the Feed Information tab on your Eggnest App. It will show you the date, time, and portion amount of all the past meals. Now you can keep track of your pet’s diet.

Customizable Meal Calling

You can record a 10 sec audio clip that will be played when the pet feeder dispenses food when you’re setting up the scheduled meals. Let your pet know it’s time to eat with your own voice.

Food Storage Capacity

Eggnest’s Smart Pet Feeder holds up to 4lbs of dry food and works best with round kibble between ⅛” to ⅝” in diameter.

Easy Cleaning

Cleaning is as simple as removing the detachable plastic dish cover and hopper, then washing it in the sink or dishwasher.

Tinted Lockable Lid

The tinted lid protects the food from direct sun exposure while still allowing visibility to the remaining level of food inside. The lid is easily lockable by matching the arrow on the lid with the pet feeder and turning it counter-clock wise towards the word “CLOSE” on the lid.

Safe Power, Back-Up Power

Eggnest’s Smart Pet Feeder comes with 2 power sources, AC adapter and battery. Not only does the power cable comes with a chew resistant cover to ensure the safety of your pet while keeping the pet feeder powered, but it also holds 3 D-size batteries that can support the device up to 30 days, so there’s no need to worry about power outages.

Quick Set-Up

The Eggnest Smart Pet Feeder comes in a few easy-to-assemble pieces. All you need to do is slide everything in place and you’re good to go.

Eggnest APP

Our free iOS and Android app is your one-in-all software for all your pet feeding needs. You can feed, monitor, record, and even talk to your pet anywhere in the world at any time all through the Eggnest App.

Live 24/7 Monitoring

With a 1.3MP camera built-in the Pet Feeder, making sure your pet is eating when you’re not home is easier than ever. HD live streaming enables you to check on your pet at any given time through the Eggnest APP.

Listen and Talk

Eggnest possesses the ability to let you listen and converse with your pet no matter where you are at any time. This allows you to talk to your pet or call your pet to eat and listen to them through the Eggnest APP.

Takes Pictures & Videos

The built-in camera can let you see what’s happening directly in front of the Pet Feeder through your Eggnest APP and take pictures or record videos at a touch of a button. The saved videos are accessible on the app and in your device.