Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do if my smartphone can't connect to the pet feeder?

  1. Make sure the "LINK" indicator light is flashing before you attempt to connect to the pet feeder's WiFi. 
  2. Double check if WiFi name is correctly spelled and if the password is correctly entered.
  3. Do not use 5G WiFi. The pet feeder currently only supports 2.4G.
  4. Check if the pet feeder's WiFi signal is working by searching for the WiFi signal in your smartphone's WiFi list. The name for the pet feeder's WiFi is "PetFeeder_XXXXXX" with the Xs being any possible number/character. If the pet feeder's WiFi name does not come up in your list, press and hold the "Feed/Reset Key" for 5-10 seconds. The "LINK" indicator light will start to blink, indicating the pet feeder is ready for connection. Then check if you can find "PetFeeder_XXXXXX" in the WiFi selection. 
  5. If the above methods do not work, please reinstall the Eggnest App and authorize the app to access location information and network during the app's installation. 
  6. Check your router settings. See if the number of online devices on the router is limited. We also recommend you set the router to WPA/WPA2 PSK encryption mode. The pet feeder currently only supports 2.4G router. 

Please note that the pet feeder may connect to the WiFi twice during set up. If the smartphone uses 4G data when connecting, the pet feeder will only connect to the WiFi once. First, you connect to the home WiFi. The WiFi information you fill in is saved in the Eggnest app. When the "LINK" indicator light flashes, the pet feeder will launch its hotspot, "PetFeeder_XXXXXX." Next, you connect to the pet feeder's hotspot. Your smartphone will switch to the hotspot and transfer the home WiFi information to the pet feeder, completing the connection. Now, the pet feeder is connected to the home WiFi. 

If your phone still cannot connect to the pet feeder after following above procedures, please contact customer service. 


2. Why won't the food come out of the pet feeder?

Make sure the pet feeder is on and connected. 

If the food outlet is blocked, the power indicator will flash.

Check to see if the motor is jammed by pet food. If so, remove the jammed pet food. 

Please note that it is normal for the pet feeder to not properly dispense food for the first few portions when adding food to an empty or near empty pet feeder as it needs to adjust the flow of kibble. So be sure to test out a few portions to ensure the pet feeder is running properly before letting it run on its own. 


3. Why does the feeding time have to be set 5 minutes from the current time when scheduling meals?

It takes about 5 minutes to upload the app setting to the server. 


4. If the pet feeder disconnects due to a poor network, how do I reconnect it?

  1. Exit the app, log in again, and wait for the data to update.
  2. Go to the "Camera" tab on the bottom and wait for the video feed to refresh. 


5. What is the SD card capacity and the storage location of pictures/videos? 

The SD card capacity supports up to 128G. You can set the storage location in the Eggnest app. Go to the "Setting" tab, "General setting," then "Store path," and you can select between Device SD card and Phone. 


6. What is the pet feeder's network requirement?

The network requirement for the pet feeder is 802.11bgn protocol 2.4G WiFi signal. It does not support 5G. 

There is no requirement for the smartphone's signal as long as it can connect to the network. 


7. Can the water feeder bottle be replaced with other drink bottles?

Yes. In addition to standard plastic water bottles, the water feeder also supports the plastic bottles for Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Test the bottle out. If it fits and doesn't leak, it works. 


8. When do I need to upgrade the Eggnest App?

The app will remind users to upgrade when they log in. Just upgrade according to the notes. 

Firmware upgrade: "Setting" - "Device management" - "Firmware upgrade" - "upgrade"

In order to achieve a better user experience, please upgrade the app in time to ensure the stability of the device functions. 


9. What do I do if the food bucket is stuck?

Reinstall the food bucket if it's stuck or in an abnormal condition. First, remove the food bucket. Next, align the food bucket center with the center of the pet feeder food rotator. Then, slowly lower the food bucket so the centers connect. Lastly, gently turn the fan blades to make sure they can rotate properly. 


10. What happens if the power goes out?

The power adapter is the default power source for the pet feeder. It's highly recommended to install 3 D-size batteries into the battery compartment for when the power goes out. If the power goes out, the batteries installed in the pet feeder can support the pet feeder for up to 20 days. During the power outage, pet feeder can only support manual feeding and the programmed automatic feeding schedule that was set before the power outage. The rest of the functions in the Eggnest app, such as camera, feed setting, etc, will not work as there is no WiFi during a power outage.