Smart Pet Feeder

Eggnest’s Smart Pet Feeder is your pet’s 24/7 personal home server that helps feed your pet on a set schedule of your preference. Equipped with a camera, microphone, and speaker, the pet feeder is able to establish a communication bridge between you and your pet no matter where you are with the Eggnest App.

Smart, Modern Design

Simple, minimalistic design in mainly black and white makes the Eggnest Smart Pet Feeder a fitting addition to any home. The pet feeder is cleverly built to be pet proof and easy to clean. It is well balanced with an anti-slip bottom, which makes it difficult for the pet feeder to be knocked over. The lid is specifically designed to keep kibble locked in to prevent spilling and stay fresh. Cleaning is as simple as removing the detachable plastic dish cover and hopper, then washing it in the sink or dishwasher.